Under the guidance of "Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind", which is proposed by the United Nations for the new development of the world, Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Research Institute”(Hereinafter Called GIC), a non state-owned, borderless and cooperated by the global ceramic industry, established its headquarter in Beijing China.

Through the integration of relevant resources and top talent experts in world ceramic industry, GIC established a global cooperative research institution focusing on the inheritance and development of ceramic culture and art, theoretical research and creation, research and practice of industrial science and technology innovation and application, and the cultivation and exchange of ceramic experts, which promoted the world ceramic industry science and technology, innovation, green, environmental protection, healthy sustainable development, making a greater contribution to human new era ceramic industry development.

Approved in July 2016 by China government, constructed since November 2019, GIC is aimed to be built into a modern, innovative, future-oriented, large-scale global ceramic research institute with online priority and offline subsidiary .

GIC expert team is composed of the world's top experts in the field of ceramics, and strives to achieve the highest academic, educational and scientific research achievements recognized by the world.

For the shared concept of common development, especially building a strategic partnership with IAC, GIC cooperated with world-famous ceramic colleges, research institutions, large enterprises and social organizations, which will achieve the best development of its academic research and talents exchange, and better serve the global IAC members and the world ceramic industry.