Phenakistoscope International Five Schools Dynamic Art Exhibition

Exhibition time: 2019-09-16 - 2019-10-07
Location: 1st Central Academy of Fine Arts
Opening time: 2019-09-16 15:00
Organizer: Central Academy of Fine Arts
Organization: Central Academy of Industry College, Central Academy of Design, Animation Center Central Academy of Fine Arts
Co-organizers: British Royal College of Art, California College, California University, Gao Brony University, Germany, Düsseldorf Academy of Art
Support unit: Central Academy of Technology Design College Central Academy of Fine Arts Network Information Center Beijing Impression Alliance Culture Development Co., Ltd.
Exhibition details
The Fenci Mirror International Five School Dynamic Arts and Arts, Joint the University of Royal College of Art, the French Gao Bren Motoology, the University of California, and the German Düsseldorf Arts Institute, which is the first in China. The international comprehensive exhibition of the college animation, pioneer art and experimental imaging, is intended to improve the height of the Pioneer animation, broaden the influence of experimental animation, and promote the integration of international animation industry. This interval will be divided into three units, which are interpulsion units, Feneri Mirror Award Unit and Feneri Mirror Dynamic Art Forum Unit. The joint unit will showcase the dynamic artwork of the five international top art institutions including two-dimensional animation, three-dimensional animation, motion graphics, mapping projections, fixed animation, visual effects, and dynamic art. The Feneci Mirror Awards will invite domestic and international authority experts to assess the artistic, picture expressions, and technical vanguistics of the applicant's work. This screen has the latest and most distinctive pioneer animation model. The Fenech Mirror Dynamic Art Forum will invite professors of the above five colleges and universities to launch sharing and exploration on the frontier dynamic visual art education, and discuss the possibility of inter-agency cooperation between future disciplines and inter-agency cooperation. From the history of animation art, extended to the current dynamic artistic trend and technology, from the fields of institutions, institutions, theoretical and technology, etc.. Place the exploration of Chinese contemporary dynamic art in international contexts, examining multi-pilot possibilities and value trends in the overall context of dynamic art.
Exhibition preface
"Fernakistoscope" from the earliest image of the 19th century, it uses the persistence of visual principles, rotates still images, thereby in the form of art, it It is also a prototype of a silent movie. In the past two hundred years, from animation art to dynamic art, the technology has been technically "moving" has continued to update with the development and technological progress, and the contemporary is more in the catalysis of virtual reality, artificial intelligence. Generalized "animated" style.
This exhibition was joined in the Central Academy of Art, the United States California Art, the French Galan Movie School, and the German Düsseldorf Academy of Art, which is the first domestic animation, pioneer art, experimental image and The international comprehensive exhibition of new media art is designed to build an international exchange platform for animation creation and image design of different artistic languages, and also hope that the Central Academy of Fine Arts as a contemporary dynamic art base, gathering global wisdom, Promote the integration of the international front and animation industry, realize the interaction and promotion of art, enrich the impact and appeal of dynamic art. This is not only an outlook on China's future experimental animation and the development of new media art, and more animated talent training provides a multi-vision reference.
"Fenci Mirror International Five School Dynamic Art Art Arts" is a dialogue about dynamic art, and the dynamic art is standing on the time node.