Five Major International Trade Fairs in Nairobi, Kenya

Exhibition time: November 5, 2019 - 7
Exhibition English: The Big5 Construction East Africa
Holding cycle: one year
Exhibition size: less than 1000
The first session: 2016
Media promotion:
Organizer: British DMG Group DMG
Introduction: 2019 4th Kenya Five Industry Exhibition The Big5 Construct East Africa was held on November 5, 2019 at the Kenya Kenjatta International Convention Center, with a total exhibition area of ​​3,500 square meters. The exhibition has been successfully held for 3 sessions in 2016. It is widely admitted to the main platform of the African Building Materials Industry Market, which affects the entire Africa.
Exhibition Theme: The five major industrial exhibitions in Kenya cooperate with the development trend of building materials industry, cover the theme of architecture, building materials and tools, mixed dirt and engineering machinery, HVAC and building services, for construction materials products, technology The solution provides a high-quality display exchange platform that has become an industry annual event.
Exhibition: Nairobi five major industrial exhibitions have been supported by the Kenya National Construction Bureau, jointly organize multiple high-end forums and seminars, inviting domestic experts and scholars to discuss the development trend and prospects of the building materials industry, and expand opportunities. And jointly organized with the International Building Research Conference.
Viewer analysis:
Architecture and design industry professionals: including architects, civil engineers, contractors, electrical engineers, HVAC, indoor designers, lighting consultants, mechanical engineers, procurement managers, project managers, procurement person in charge, structural engineers, etc.
exhibition criteria:
1. Architecture and decorative materials: bathroom sanitary ware, doors and windows and accessories, doors and windows, machinery, and gates, cabinets, kitchen facilities, stone, architectural ceramics, gypsum products, ceiling, plastic building materials, composite materials, new building materials, architectural glass, Ground paving materials, floor, carpet, artificial turf, labor insurance supplies, safety protection equipment, boom, tarpaulin, sun room, decorative materials, plastic rubber, wallpaper fabric, home soft loading, etc .;
2, building hardware: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, metal sheet, keel, wire mesh, guardrail fence, steel structure, scaffolding, building hardware accessories, hardware tools, etc .;
3, wood, wood products, plate: wood, wood products, bamboo products, artificial plates, building wood template PVC composite, resin plate, decorative paper, etc.
4, architectural chemical: building coatings, paint, adhesives, adhesives, tape, additives, additives, fillers, thermos, waterproof materials, architectural anti-corrosion, glass fiber materials, etc .;
5, refrigeration class: heating, ventilation and air conditioning assembly, refrigeration system and equipment, plumbing and water treatment technology, pump, valve, pipelines, accessories, enterprises, etc.
6, mixed soil and engineering machinery: template and scaffolding, concrete and cement equipment, construction and commercial vehicles, ingredient equipment, mining machinery and equipment, etc .;
7, building services: equipment management, commercial cleaning, health, elevator and escalator, security, building automation, software and IT.